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udunoutfitters's Journal

Udûn Outfitters
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Udûn Outfitters, a Tolkienverse-themed sister shop to Vold-E-Mart offering the finest in Sue accessories. Ever see some unfortunately-phrased or improbable item in a Suefic that you think should be offered for sale? Advertise it here.

The entry form, ganked from vold_e_mart:

Link to sporking and/or link to story:
Author of Sporking/Author of story:
Suggested retail price of object:
Quote from story where object is mentioned:
(The mod suggests for the sake of consistency that prices be in Gondorian currency: the mirian (pl. miriain?) is the basic unit, sometimes used as an equivalent to the U.S. dollar or other modern currencies, while the canath (pl. cenaith?) is one-fourth of a mirian.)

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